Break In

Written by Amy Dellagiarino

Starring & Produced by Lisa Cordileone

This one-woman silent comedy is a multi-media theatrical experience.  The uniqueness of BREAK IN lies in the use of live action, film projections, sound effects, voice over and music, heightening all senses and tapping into the audience’s imagination to connect with one actor on stage for 30 minutes who says absolutely nothing.

BREAK IN is like an audiobook on stage. All 18 characters are played by Lisa Cordileone through voice over and pumped into the theatre for a unique twist on a silent comedy. What her character is thinking, the audience is hearing. The story unfolds like a combination of old-school radio play meets interactive theatre.

Semi Finalist for a Spirit of Fringe Award!

"Clever, funny, and fast-paced. I’ve never seen a blend of genre like this. If sketch comedy, silent comedy, and commedia dell’arte had a love child, this would be it." Carolyn Wright

 "...originality and of a fun spirit, but also in less glamorous ways by which the Fringe does not always advertise. There's a scrappiness, an awareness that shit could go wrong at any point, and that meta-narrative of an artist struggling not just with Art but also with CD players, and gravity, and unholy chance." Sean Drohan seandoesfringe




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