Candidate Confessions

 A 2016 Cabaret

Written by Jose Acain, Julian Clark, Erin Coleman, Zane Grant, Katie Wilbert, Corey Wilburn, Josh Willis, Billy Zimmer & Rani O'Brien

With the primary season comes those time-honored traditions of scrolling your FB feed for the most racist thing a candidate has said, watching phrases like “Feel the Bern” and “Make America Great Again” go viral, and hiding behind a new Netflix series until someone who cares more than you picks our next President. Thankfully, The Second City Hollywood has a primary season treat that you can actually look forward to! With a ballot full of song, Candidate Confessions - a 2016 Cabaret is the new way to indulge in political fodder. Learn about your candidates, laugh in their faces, and listen to some sick raps by our 2020 POTUS pick, Yeezus.


Starring Samira Beija, Jason Bornstein, Erin Coleman, Adrien Epps, Choni Francis, Miatta Lebile, John Macey, Brendan McCay, David Neale, Sarah Oliver, Brian Sturges, Zach Swann, and Rama Vallury.

Directed and Story by Rani O'Brien

Produced and Story Concept by Marc Warzecha

Musical Direction and Composition by Dan Wessels


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Review by Lee Wochner.
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