Disconnected Touch

Presented by Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project as part of the Tom Murrin Full Moon Show Series

Missed Connections

I was sitting on the BDFM train heading down to the East Village toward my favorite coffee spot, Blue Bottle, when I saw you delicately bolstering your chiffon scarf (which matched the natural rouge of your cheeks). You sat next to me, crossing your legs, sporting the hip displacement of Fosse himself. You wore a velvet blazer with a button that read “East Village Evictee: I Made Noise!” with a City Lore book bag featuring a painting of the Can Man. We caught eyes, awkwardly over our shoulders. You glanced down at my Patagonia vest—your eyes rocketed to my REI backpack, then to my Lulus—as if to tell me I was emblematic of everything you stood against. I was the problem. Only then did you give me the deepest look I have ever been graced with. Our thighs touched. For a moment I thought our entire beings would too. An alert popped up on my phone—it was a live pic of my friend’s baby dancing naked at Coachella. I laughed. When I looked back to you, you flew off the subway car faster than I could ask for your Instagram handle. Yet, you looked back with that soul piercing gaze.

Don’t miss the connection: Join Rani O’Brien and Jazmine Corneille, Sophia Gutchinov and Dana Stern on the sidewalk outside Howl! Happening, so we can slide into each other’s Direct Messages.

Devised by  Jazmine Corneille, Sophia Gutchinov, Rani O'Brien, and Dana Stern

Direction and Sound Design by Rani O'Brien

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