The Lollygaggers

by Rani O'Brien and

N.A.S.A. Climate Scientist Josh Willis

Second City Hollywood, Climatepalooza, & Aquarium of the Pacific


The climate has changed an awful lot! Ice caps melted, the water level has risen, and animals have been forced to relocate. Oh where will they go? The Lollywoods of course! In this sketch-meets-global-warming-musical, animals and puppets are forced to coexist in a brand new climate.


Interview on KCRW's Which Way LA?



“'I really want kids to walk away with a sense of delightful doom,' O’Brien said. 'You don't want to live your life in fear. By getting kids and adults engaged in this, I think we can affect the political climate of the future.'" Excerpt from interview with Bob Silbery



Music by: Ben Bromfield

Lyrics by: Rani O'Brien and Josh Willis




Alexis Notabartolo - Ms. Polar Bear

Brian Sturges - Grizz

Maya DeBose - Ms. Pteropod

Kaitlyn Tanimoto - Diggit

Paul DuPree - Mr. Penguin

Kelli Jacobson - Tom/Petunia

Matt Parker - The Sun

Josh Willis  - Dr. Scientist

Rani O'Brien - Eve



Puppet Design: Rani O'Brien, Matt Parker, and  Whatnots

Costume Design: Rani O'Brien

Prop Design: Brian Sturges, Josh Willis, and Rani O'Brien




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